Irresistible Offer Formula: See How To Remove Yourself From The Commodity PT Space And Be Viewed As The Premium Specialist In Your Community
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Craft Your Irresistible Offer

In physical therapy it’s common to offer a free discovery visit however this is often not the best strategy for attracting new patients on Facebook™.
Not only is it unclear to potential patients what is all included in a free discovery visit the perceived value is also extremely low because you are telling them that it is free.
In order to be successful with New Patient Facebook Ads we must make a tailored offer that is designed specifically for our ideal patient (the one who said yes to your relatability question)
We do not need to change what we do during a discovery visit, only how we talk about it…
How we structure our offers…
⇒ Offer Splintering. Take your free discovery and break it into 4-5 steps.
(Offer splintering is a marketing tool designed to create clearer offers and increase perceived value by transforming 1 general offer, into 1 hyper-specific offer with multiple, easy to understand steps.)
Think about what it is you do during an initial assessment with your dream avatar… Write each step in the spaces below…

PART I.) Splinter your discovery visit

Offer Title: Free Discovery Visit Steps
Step #1: ________________________________
Step #2: ________________________________
Step #3: ________________________________
Step #4: ________________________________
Step #5: ________________________________
Now let’s give the title and each step an easy to understand, tailored name that will create polarity that attracts our avatar and repels the people we don’t want. Examples Below.

PART II.) Transform it into a unique, tailored offer

Tailored Title: _________________________________
Tailored Step #1: ________________________
Tailored Step #2: ________________________
Tailored Step #3: ________________________
Tailored Step #4: ________________________
Tailored Step #5: ________________________


Free Discovery Visit Steps
Step #1: History & Injury review
Step #2: Posture check / spine scan
Step #3: Heat therapy / spine massage
Step #4: Mobility test
Step #5: Treatment recommendations


Healthy Mama Back Assessment
Step #1: Injury History Review
Step #2: Postural Assessment
Step #3: Healthy Mama Body Diagnostic
Step #4: Strength & Movement Screen
Step #5: Doctor’s Report of Findings

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